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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Back to local news. Ugh. St. Louis we have a problem…

☕ Morning fam, Back to local news. Ugh. St. Louis we have a problem…

☕ Morning fam,
Back to local news. Ugh. St. Louis we have a problem. And no fam, the problem isn’t external, it’s internal, regional leadership, specifically black leaders. I single out black leaders because they are ‘black leaders’, they ran on as black leaders and are supposedly, our leaders. Black St. Louis is a reflection of your leadership. For more than a decade St. Louis topped the most dangerous, most violent and murder capital. Recently a new distinction, “Child Murder Capital”. The black police chief’s response, “They weren’t innocent”. The mayor spoke about her and her son falling to sleep every night to a lullaby of bullets… as she spoke at a live press conference about gun violence that was interrupted by gunfire.

No one is immune. The mayor’s pregnant cousin was killed by gun violence. Defund advocate Cori Bush’s car was damaged by gunfire, fortunately no one was hurt. Crime is the #1 issue in the region. We’re dying and everybody seems desensitized, used to it, a mother of 8 being gunned down is no big deal. We had a serial killer murdering black women and at the time our black police chief and public safety director were dismissive and even shrugged off voices that were ringing the alarm.

Its unfathomable how detached black leaders are from the suffering of the people they claim to represent. No we don’t expect the crime problem to be solved overnight but we do expect you to give damn and move in a way that demonstrates that you care as much about black lives being lost as much you do Kim Gardner having a job.

We are not collateral damage. If anybody is gonna be collateral damage, it will be you, at the polls. Don’t get comfortable. Voter apathy is high. Voter turnout is low. St. Louis is no longer majority black, those who can fleeing for safety and opportunity. Change IS coming to St. Louis, but not the short sighted, reactionary “progressive” change that’s being pushed.

The demographics are changing. Refugees already have the numbers to impact elections… and even take over black municipalities where voter apathy is high. Its only a matter of time. Be honest, that’s what voting rights is about, them being granted the right to vote, to replace black voters that are fleeing the Democratic plantation in droves. Dems think this will save them, b”ut it won’t. Immigrants, refugees and illegals come here to pursue the American Dream. They will vote overwhelmingly Republican not Democrat. And even if they did vote Democrat, they’re not gonna vote for you. Look at the condition of black people you represent, look at our community. Why would they vote for that? They will vote for their own… your replacement.

If we reimagine” anything, it will be your leadership.


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