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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Brazen, In Your Face, “Because We Can” Corruption. In Blackface.

☕ Morning fam,  Brazen, In Your Face, “Because We Can” Corruption.  In Blackface.

☕ Morning fam,
We see brazen, in your face, “because we can” corruption. In blackface. Coming from your side. For now it’s targeting Trump…. and negros are cheering. Completely oblivious to the bigger ramifications and how going after Trump is being used to cloak their real agenda: criminalizing free speech.

Malcolm warned against letting the growling wolf chase us into the jaws of the smiling fox, which is exactly what negros did.

We see progressivism is not working. Progressive policies have destroyed every city where enacted. And made everything worse. People do not want these policies but instead of adhering to the will of the people, progressive mayors are doubling down despite their policies doing irrevocable harm to the community and the people they took an oath to serve.

It is time that we critically examine and question why, especially given their coordinated attack on Donald Trump, the Constitution and our 1st Amendment Rights. This is not just an attack on Trump, this is an attack on the Constitution. And us.

We must also question the timely return of covid. And lingering questions like the origins, the effects of the jab and lockdowns. And whether, this like the collusion we see in the justice system is a widespread abuse of power.

There must be accountability beyond resignations. We shouldn’t have to collect signatures or wait years to vote out corruption in a corrupt system all while suffering the consequences.

And we won’t.

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