Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Cheering The Same Tactics Used Against Malcolm & MLK🤡🤡🤡

☕ Morning fam, Cheering The Same Tactics Used Against Malcolm & MLK🤡🤡🤡

☕ Morning fam,
Negros cheering the tactics being used to go after Trump are cheering the same tactics used against brothers and sisters in the judicial system everyday in Democrat run cities. The very the same tactics used against Malcolm & MLK. The very same tactics they used to smear Mike Brown and paint him as a strong armed robber.

Blacks on the other hand know exactly what they’re seeing with the weaponization of government, collusion between media and social media and the trumped up charges and indictments.

And fam, I’m here to tell you, this 4th indictment, arrest and release of Trump’s mugshot will be the line that separates negros cheering and cosigning the First Amendment being under attack, the criminalization of questioning official narratives and their own demise from blacks who know what time it is, understand the ramifications and are cheering the system being put on trial.

Democrats are seeing the Georgia indictment, like the rest has not only backfired, but has now put corrupt/compromised DA Fani Willis in the scope. And how Georgia bundled claims of fraud in the 2020 election. It won’t be Trump on trial in the court of public opinion, but the system with Fani Willis as the face.

And it will be her own tweets and posts questioning Fulton County elections that do her in.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, The Worse Is Still Yet To Come...

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