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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Continuation of the blueprint designed here during Netroots 2016..

☕ Morning fam, Continuation of the blueprint designed here during Netroots 2016..

☕ Morning fam,
In Jim Crow Joe’s Amerikkka, negroes are waking not to MLK’s dream, but an American nightmare after being duped by the group both MLK and Malcolm specifically called out: white liberals. With the complicity of negro leaders.

In just 2 1/2 years of the Biden administration reversed the record low unemployment under Trump to return to the record unemployment maintained during Democrat administrations.

HBCUs lost the millions Trump bequeath them. And urban cities suffered from record crime and homicides exacerbated by progressive policies.. the victims primarily black.

Again with the complicity of party first negro leaders used to push destructive policies in black face, a path carved out during Ferguson using BLM and sellouts within the Ferguson movement to march us here.

And this is the important part fam, everything we’ve experienced since is continuation of the blueprint designed here during Netroots 2016.

I #toldja this was coming. That negro leaders would have to decide whether to be black first or party first while they were telling you I was crazy, radical, militant and worse as a way to be dismissive of the alarm bell I was ringing and to chip away at my credibility. And colluded with social media as means to ensure certain truths did not go viral.

Today we not only see the results, for the first time ever blacks are critically examining the results of 75 years of unbridled loyalty to the Democratic Party… and are leaving the party in droves.

And are also rejecting identity politics, intersectionality, diversity and DEI, trojan horse policies that bamboozled blacks to abandon our struggle to go fight on the frontlines of everybody else’s setting us back decades.

Those days are over.

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