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Morning fam

β˜• Morning fam, Excusing Corruption & Deception When It’s Your Side 🀑🀑🀑

β˜• Morning fam, Excusing Corruption & Deception When It’s Your Side 🀑🀑🀑

β˜•Morning fam,
They want you to think this wave of tyranny, deception and corruption is new and began with Trump or even Biden. It began when we took to the streets under Obama. Everything since has been continuation. It was Democrat inner party collusion from Obama, Senators Clair McCaskill and Lacy Clay down to local Democrats that colluded with Obama’s DOJ to end the investigation, smeared Mike Brown, denied him justice and then worked with the NPIC to hijack what we started.

Everything we’re seeing/experiencing today has roots in Ferguson, it was here where the blueprint was created at NetRoots 2016. I rang the alarm when I saw it had nothing to do with justice for Mike Brown. And because mofos didn’t listen, they were able to plant seeds and nurture division by weaponizing identity. And a lotta y’all fell for it, ignoring the alarms because y’all wanted to believe so bad.

And I wanna speak to those folks this morning. What, if anything have you learned? Do you still identify as Democrat despite the corruption taking place right in your face? Or do you excuse it because it’s YOUR SIDE? Had you done any self reflection or have you simply moved on to your next crusade?

Are you building or supporting those building the systems and institutions we need today moving forward?

Or do you feel defeated after fighting the wrong battle, in some cases for years?

Yes, I know these are some hard pills to swallow, but moving forward dictates that you do. We lost 9 years because mofos who hadn’t studied walked this movement into every trap set. And set us back decades.

Not only did Mike Brown and others killed in state sanctioned killings not get justice, billions donated on behalf of what WE started were funneled into BLM coffers and went to fund Biden/Harris’ inauguration, the Democratic Party, the NPIC, the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community and used by Patrisse Cullors to buy mansions.

Where we find ourselves is what happens when you haven’t studied are easily gassed and are moved by ego. No matter how well intended, it sabotages this work and sets us back. As does simply moving on to the next issue or ‘leader’ to follow without learning the lessons that can be extrapolated from the past 9 years, one of the most important being not giving away our game plan on social media serving as extensions of the federal government… For clicks and likes?

This is not the time to be seen. This is the time to rest, replenish and prepare for the next battle in our quest for self empowerment and determination.

And that starts with you.

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