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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, How America’s Enemies Used the Uniparty, Progressivism, the NPIC and Progressives To Destroy America

☕ Morning fam, How America’s Enemies Used the Uniparty, Progressivism, the NPIC and Progressives To Destroy America

☕ Morning fam,
The seeds for everything we’re experiencing we planted many years ago. And because our government divided Americans of all races, religions, genders, sexuality and identities into so many fragments, we got caught up in competing in the rat race and took our eyes off the mofos in power.

And they noticed.

They noticed our preoccupation with fighting for scraps and to survive left us little time to keep our eyes on them. And those we elected to move in our interests took advantage. They stopped working for us and began using their position to enrich themselves. Their families. and their friends.

And then greed kicked in. It wasn’t enough to eat cookies out of the cookie jar, they wanted a whole damn bakery. So they started wars… around the world. Wars allowed them the ability to divert billions to their defense contractor friends under the guise of national security. And that’s been US foreign policy every since.

When Americans tired of wars thousands of miles away, they started them here at home: the race war, the drug war, the culture war, the gender war… and they allocated billions, this time to the nonprofit industrial complex… orgs for every issue they could conjure up. And like foreign wars, endless funding with no metrics or accounting.

That’s the uniparty. They pretend fight, call themselves Dems and Republicans, conservatives and liberals and even black and white all for the purpose of making us think they’re working in our interests and that we have a dog in the fight.

And America’s enemies noticed.

They noticed we were led by corrupt leaders. And compromised them even more with bribes. Then blackmail.

Enter progressives.

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Progressives are not revolutionary. They are reactionary. Emotional. And rally for what sounds good without a plan or giving any thought to the consequences of the things they advocate. They advocated for Obamacare and we got a worse system. They advocated for increased minimum wage thinking the very predatory capitalist system would play nice. It didn’t and increased minimum wage resulted in fewer jobs and companies investing in AI and automation. They rallied for open boarders and now we’re subsidizing millions of illegals on our tax dollars. All funded by America’s enemies like George Soros.

America is collapsing under the weight of it all. And all of the aforementioned is letting it happen. Because they are compromised, being blackmailed and trying to save their asses.

This is not rocket science.

At what point do we as AMERICANS stop sitting idly by and watching it all turn to shit? If we don’t get these uniparty mofos out of power and dismantle the NPIC (both funded by Americs’s enemies) we ain’t gonna have a country to fight over.

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