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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Let’s talk about all the 180s, reversals and Dems being flat out wrong about everything since Trump beat Hillary…

☕ Morning fam,  Let’s talk about all the 180s, reversals and Dems being flat out wrong about everything since Trump beat Hillary…

☕ Morning fam,
The world continues to turn, a new world order is being ushered in. And for the first time ever since this country’s independence, America may not emerge as the world’s superpower. This may be difficult for many to grasp, especially those that skipped world history class. Even for those that attended, its one thing to read about events and another to live through them. And yet another when you don’t see the shit coming.

Let’s talk about all the 180s since Obama, white folks that vote for him and preferred Trump over Hillary have been vilified, deemed racists and worse. Bided a segregationist and author of the 1994 Crime Bill responsible for mass incarceration of black people and the destruction of the black family, is now being pushed as a the savior for Black America. Kamala one of his crime bill’s most harshest informers, who laughed about jailing black mothers and keeping inmates past their release dates to wok as slave rebranded as a progressive.

Cori Bush was elected out of the Ferguson protest movement to be opposition to the Dem Party. As soon as she got in she voted against the movement for Pelosi. She was easily assimilated and has served as controlled opposition since, play fighting while marching us back into the voting booth. Cori does not support real shit, isn’t black first and serves as the black face of white radical politics bamboozling black voters to vote against their interests. She was the first to dehumanize black mothers referring to them as ‘birthing people’. The worse thing she did was done before she took office, both participating in the hijacking of Ferguson and colluding with white progressives to obtain control over a historically black seat. They did the same locally with Bruce Franks. Yes, fam we def need t clean house, but more important we have to be mindful of those outside our community seizing the moment to push a black face they control, a face that pretends to be one of us, but gets their marching orders and answers to them. Black girl magic has been a failure, especially here in St. Louis, this is why.

Lets talk about the 180s in ref to covid, to mask or not mask. To jab or not jab. When the virus first started Trump was deemed the liar. Now we know Trump was telling the truth and Fauci was the liar. I don’t have time to list all the other things Trump said we were told were lies that turned out to be true, from Dems spying on his campaign to Hillary funding the Steel dossier to Hunter Biden’s laptop.

How can anybody trust any of them?

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