Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Read between the lines.

☕ Morning fam, Read between the lines.

☕ Morning fam,
Establishment politics is dead. Neoliberalism is dead. Progressivism is dead. Plantation politics is dead. Intersectionality is dead. Diversity is dead. Actorvism is dead. The left has cried wolf so many times we have become immune to the isms they use to divide & conquer. Them left is imploding at a time Trump is on the rebound and MAGA is winning, their latest W since Roe? The Durham Report exonerating Trump while pointing the finger at Hillary Clinton and Biden and Obama for knowing and being silent while the Office of the Presidency was sabotaged while stopping short of jumping to the next logical conclusion about the 2020 election.

Read between the lines.

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