Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, SEVEN YEARS And Still No Justice #RIPKingDSeals #RIPMikeBrown #WesleyBell

☕ Morning fam, SEVEN YEARS And Still No Justice #RIPKingDSeals #RIPMikeBrown #WesleyBell

☕ Morning fam,
This is a day I dread. Darren Seals was found murdered on this day 7 years ago. SEVEN YEARS, and still no justice despite Wesley Bell running on Ferguson, one of the Soros funded black faced sellouts in the region, put in position to deceive, misdirect the movement and sabotage justice… for both Darren Seals and Mike Brown.

The same Wesley Bell that ran interference for the City of Ferguson when negotiating the consent decree with the DOJ after being voted in as part of Ferguson’s historically black city council.

The same Wesley Bell that as a judge in Velda was sued for the very same behavior Ferguson was accused.

The same Wesley Bell that as County Prosecutor sides with police in officer involved shootings, no different than Bob McCulloch.

The same Wesley Bell that is named in a lawsuit for covering for Riverview PD in a suit filed against the department by 2 black women racially profiled and victimized by 2 officers.

#Toldja Wesley Bell wasn’t change, but worse, in black face…

Now Bell is now running for US Senate… and to no one’s surprise is losing BIGLY to Josh Hawley.

The same Josh Hawley Kim Gardner colluded with to take out Republican Gov Eric Greitens, played dirty to get him, then resigned rather than be forcibly removed from office for sabotaging justice for thousands of victims, majority black.

The ONLY reason Bell is still standing is because Kim Gardner was soooooooo much worse.

Many of those paying tribute to Darren today are the same people that pushed Wesley Bell. And Kim Gardner. And Rasheen Aldridge. And Cori Bush, poLIEticians than ran on Ferguson and the murder of Mike Brown, got elected, sold out, abandoned our struggle and became the face of white radical poLIEtics.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕Morning fam Our condition is what happens when black leaders sell out to push the agenda for their financial backers, billionaires like George Soros to the detriment of the black community in exchange for a come up within the very system we're fighting. And they do it blatantly, openly... and arrogantly, while displaying a sense of entitlement, thirst for control and contempt for the people whose suffering makes their feasting possible: Their own.

The same folks that hijacked what we started. The same folks that inserted BLM and used them to divert billions donated for our cause to fund the lgbtq and trans agendas. The same totaltarian machine showing the depths of it’s corruption going after Trump.

And #Toldja continuation.

Til the next episode.

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