Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, So abortion not reparations?

☕ Morning fam, So abortion not reparations?

☕ Morning fam,
Don’t let the flurry of reactionary activity you see in the Dem Party in response to the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v Wade fool you into thinking the sky is falling. The sky is not falling. Abortion is not illegal in the United States and there is a silver lining… In 1973, we had no say one way or another. Roe was imposed on us. Black Christians didn’t get a say, they were simply expected to go against their faith.

The reversal of Roe doesn’t end abortion, it sends the matter back to the states where the citizens decide by turning their state red or blue, electing pro choice or anti choice candidates. Pretty much what we just went through with the mandates. Some states imposed mandates, others didn’t. Add abortion to the list of things states, specifically citizens will decide like they do a wide variety of other issues.

Fam, there’s a bigger issue at stake for us, having a say in these matters moving forward, not just going along and fighting for somebody else’s issue when we go through the same thing, the Voting Rights Act, hello? Why hasn’t that been made permanent? Or all these so called reforms? So abortion not reparations? What if a person feels as strongly about those issues or any other issue as people who are upset by the reversal of Roe v Wade? Who decides which issues and whose issues get prioritized to the point everybody has to stop and give it immediate attention? How do we (black people) get somma that?

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕Morning fam, Those cheering either don't have a clue or they do... and are down with the agenda.

Once again, we (black people) are being asked to put our collective issues on the backburner to fight for abortion… for women that have never abandoned theirs to see ours through. And negros leaders aren’t even making a demand they do so now before lending support. So again, the black collective gets nothing.

How can we make the same mistake and offer support without getting anything back in return? Especially now that we see “settled law” doesn’t mean settled law, Supreme Court rulings can be reversed and our battles, even those we win are never really over. The fight never stops, now knowing this, knowing time is not on our side and knowing we gotta fight the long battle on our own, why would we stop and turn our attention to abortion when we have more pressing issues, especially if we’re not getting anything out of it?

And is exactly how we got into this situation in the first place?

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