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Morning fam

β˜• Morning fam, Tf are we doing? #BLM #PatrisseCullors πŸŽ‚#RIPKingDSeals

β˜• Morning fam,  Tf are we doing? #BLM #PatrisseCullors πŸŽ‚#RIPKingDSeals

β˜• Morning fam,
Tf are we doing? I can only imagine the disappointment many felt when they stopped by yesterday and I was not serving Patrisse up on platter. I purposely didn’t post about the latest and instead focused on the battle we’re fighting right now, memba that? Jim Crow Joe and Dems took the air out of a lotta y’all’s balloons.

The REAL battle is here fam. And mofos got ZERO energy for it after following the wrong folks, fighting the wrong battle only to have their efforts go towards upliftment other groups.. donations collected by BLM went to fund 30 the LGBTQ orgs, that’s where that community got its clout… on the blood of every high profile police killing from Mike Brown to George Floyd. And while that may benefit a small segment of the black community, we did not take to the streets to uplift the lgbtq community, we took to the streets t change our own.

Not only did Patrisse fund the lgbtq community, she set herself, her momma, brotha, baby daddy and wife up with 6 and 7 figure gigs and mansions. Mike Brown and none of the victims of state sanctioned murder got justice. None of the families received a dime. None of the money went to rebuild communities destroyed by the protests. And grassroots activists and protesters doing the real work got a dime. Not to be confused with BLM chapters, they knew what they were getting into, they were complicit in the hijacking of Ferguson, they ignored me and Darren’s warnings because they thought they were gonna get a bag. Miss me with thee fake outrage. They’re just mad they didn’t get a cut of the blood money.

Not seeing any of energy y’all had for Trump for Bideen/Harris or BLM. And as much as y’all like to stop by to hear me rant about BLM, nobody’s talking about actually holding them accountable. Posts and tweets is not holding them accountable. Shouldn’t take or just be Candace Owens. Times like this I wish Darren were here, I swear he would lead a million man march to Patrisse’s house and have it looking like protests outside Supreme Court Justices’ houses.

The conversation is no longer about exposing them, I did that years ago, keep up! The conversation today is what are we gonna do about it? The grift was committed against all of us, the black collective. And it started and was perfected here, with the help of prominent Ferguson activists and protesters, traitors.

Look at what’s happened since Ferguson. Reform is dead, Bernie, the Squad, Justice Dems and pretty much the progressive movement is are dead, co-opted ‘woke’ is dead. Black Girl Magic is dead. Identity politics, intersectionality and diversity are dead. The left (big brother, big tech, big media) has run and failed every play in their book. And they’re desperate. Now is the time to stand firm, and fight. Not cower. And we do this by building.

A lot of thee shit we go through would be avoided if we had our own. And by own, I mean systems and institutions. Nobody is gonna build a black utopia for us. The billions donated and stolen by BLM was tangibles… a down payment on reparations. Imagine, had Patrisse not diverted that money and instead used it to fund the push for reparations…

Sign. Darren’s birthday was this week, Sunday. Malcolm X’s birthday is today.

What a week. And we still got 3 days to go.

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