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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, The gender war is the new Cointelrpo.

☕ Morning fam,  The gender war is the new Cointelrpo.

☕ Morning fam,
The gender war is the new Cointelrpo. Well actually, the new old Cointelpro. Divide and Conquer 101. Exploiting tragedies of black victims and pitting brothas & sistas against each other is just the latest. Weaponizing the government didn’t start with Joe Biden, it’s been happening for decades… how they amplify black women while diminishing black men, they do it in the courts, with social services, how they weaponize child support. Every case involving a brotha or sista is sensationalized in the media and used to trigger the opposite sex.

They do it because it works. It’s wild watching how many seemingly educated black people engage… and by educated I mean studied the lessons of our ancestors and how back social movements are co-opted. Because if they were. they would understand this is another tactic and not fall for the bait.

The fact that so many do is proof how deeply ingrained this conditioning is.

The fact that aso many do publicly on social media is proof to the oppressors that it’s working.

Then guess what? More triggers… based on the psychological profile created by their posts, then an algorithm based on that controls what they see.

And while brothas and sistas are fighting one another, the powers that be are raping, robbing and pillaging black America, reducing us to 4th class citizens behind whites, latinos and the lgbtq community.

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