Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, They Don’t Dance No Mo’

☕ Morning fam, They Don’t Dance No Mo’

☕ Morning fam,
Veils are being lifted and negros are finally starting wake up from the slumber of being ‘woke’. They see it, we all see it and as desperation of the very dire situation black boomers, feminists, professional actorvists and paid protesters foolishly marched us into by voting for the party of slavery, the Klan and Jim Crow sinks in, and more important the consequences.

#Toldja Biden wasn’t a lesser evil. And the fact that so many educated negros were bamboozled into voting against our interests and worse than we had before is at the core of the most pressing issue facing black people: the negropeans that walk among us. We may all be black, but we are not one in the same. Or one big giant negro that marches lock and step with black elites, white liberals or progressives.

Black America as we know it is dead, splintered into the group seeking white validation andm ore comforts in the system of ws and blacks following the teachings of our ancestors, building and putting ourselves in position for self determination and to reap the fruits of our own labor.

Between negros that were hoodwinked into voting for record crime and homicides, open boarders, forced mandates, sexualizing and grooming children, censorship and the indicting/arresting political enemies… because “Orange Man Bad” despite Trump being the only President that had record employment, offered Black America billions, funded HBCUs so that they wouldn’t have to come back hat in hand every year and actually worked to right the wrongs of Jim Crow Joe’s 94 Crime Bill.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, Black Girl Magic and black lives matter will go down in ourstory as the biggest cons orchestrated on the black community. This is not reform. Whatever this is, is intentional.

Negros rejected it all and in doing emboldened the left, the consequences we’re seeing today. And in one election cycle marched us away from a path of prosperity to the road to 3rd/4th place citizenship behind the lgbtq community and illegals. And went from dancing in the streets to tears.

They don’t dance no mo…

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