Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, This isn’t rocket science fam, it’s embarrassing…

☕ Morning fam, This isn’t rocket science fam, it’s embarrassing…

☕ Morning fam,
We’re losing, not because the opposition is beating us, but because so many of us are lying, so many of us don’t want to be free, don’t want the responsibility, don’t want to do better or be better… because that takes work and holding oneself accountable for doing better, a lot of us know better but choose not to do better.

Many of us are stuck in our ways having never dealt with our shit, the trauma, baggage or esteem issues and allow that to negatively impact every aspect of our lives… and bring that baggage info every situation, setting us up for failure out the gate.

And if that isn’t enough, then get on these social media platforms and put this dysfunction on display for the world to see. It other groups, this behavior is limited to high schoolers, young people that don’t know better or those without means to do better, in ours its black professionals, celebs and elected leaders, people that claim to be pro black, but do the bidding of white supremacy every day in their institutions and how they treat their own. For a check/comeup from the very people they say they hate and claim to be fighting.

This isn’t rocket science fam, it’s embarrassing.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕Morning fam, Ye ain't all crazy, he was right about them keeping us monetized and traumatized. The blueprint for black America.

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