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Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, Valuing Clicks, Likes & White Validation More Than Freedom

☕ Morning fam, Valuing Clicks, Likes & White Validation More Than Freedom

Morning fam,
If you’re coming through hoping to see me take a victory lap after walking you from “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” to being right in my prediction where we find ourselves today because you’re used to seeing mofos stunt, pat themselves on the back while declaring mission accomplished for the purposes of clicks, likes and social media cred OR to lay out a game plan for moving forward you’re going to be very disappointed.

#Toldja way back during Ferguson the day would come when we could no longer organize or mobilize on platforms we don’t own or control… a decade before #Twitterfiles exposed the interdealings of these platforms were worse than even I expected.

And how quick many of you have forgotten my warnings about these platforms and the need to build our own for the purpose of having 1. Controlling our own narratives. 2. A credible source for information for both content creators and those seeking/spreading truth. And 3. A place to engage in the types of discussions many of you are coming through today still hoping to find on social media despite #Twitterfiles exposing these platforms are controlled by deep state actors.

So many are addicted to the clicks and likes and/or say they want to be free/independent of the party of slavery, the klan and Jim Crow but all you have to do is look at how they continue to move on these platforms to see that simply is not true.

They’re lying. The one thing negros that don’t really deal with white folks in any capacity beyond them being in a position of authority over them crave more than freedom or even having their own, is white validation.

They don’t want their own, they WANT what white folks have. And to be up in white folks faces/spaces. This is why every time you turn around one of these million dollar, billion dollar slaves is trying to buy their way in with white folks from Dr Dre donating millions to USC to Tyler Perry trying to buy BET to rappers trying to buy sports teams.

And notice, you don’t see this obsession with white celebrities or other groups.

You don’t see black celebrities going back and investing in the impoverished communities from which they came. The ONLY business they engage in when it comes to the black community is being the black face deceiving black people about the true intentions of white corporations and developers that pull their strings.

Fam, it’s been 10 years and I still have to say this. The shit is hitting the fan. And we are not ready. There is no sense of urgency. Y’all still on these platforms posting personal information oblivious to what these platforms really are.

It’s still playtime for many. Everything is shhits and giggles. And brothas and sistas continue engaging in the gender war.

We’re beating ourselves.

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