Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, War On Dissent #Ferguson #RIPKingDSeals #OrangeManBad

☕ Morning fam, War On Dissent #Ferguson #RIPKingDSeals #OrangeManBad

☕ Morning fam,
When Darren was murdered I said it was because he was a lone wolf, not by choice, by necessity. He recognized and was disgusted by the grift.

We had very different styles, mine is more “This is what’s happening (or what happened), take the meat and spit out the bones”. Darren’s style was more calling you out, publicly and in your face. Our styles complemented each other.

He spoke truth to power and would die (and actually did) for his beliefs. And to protect those he loved and considered family. A lotta folks in our movement talked the talked. I can count on one hand those that walked the walk. And on one hand with fingers left of those that supported our work.

So it came as no surprise very few and I mean a very few had anything to say after he was murdered. Some joined in on the grift. Some became oppressors. Others simply fell back

7 years later I feel a sense of deja vu watching the Biden administration and Dem Party weaponize government and declare war on dissent.

And the all too familiar silence from the same folks that said “Silence is compliance”.

Less than a decade later same side is indicting their political opponents, censoring speech, affirming/sexualizing children and oh yeah, flirting with World War 3.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, MLK came to the realization near the end of his life that he integrated us into a burning house. Both he and Malcolm specifically warned us about the white liberal, that being one of the things they both were in agreement on. After their assassinations, negro leaders opted to lead us deeper into the burning building to smother the fire instead of leading us to safety and building our own. Fast forward 75 years. Look around, this is the result.

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