Morning fam

☕ Morning fam, When are we gonna stop entertaining the bullshit?

☕ Morning fam, When are we gonna stop entertaining the bullshit?

☕ Morning fam,
When are we gonna stop entertaining the bullshit? Most of what we’re going through stems from ignorance, falling for the okie doke time and time and time and time again, a refusal to build and a strong resistance to holding our own accountable while pointing fingers at people who don’t represent us, we don’t vote for or support for the failures of those we do.

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We let folks harm us, then reinvent themselves, rewrite their histories and revise their records… and come to us acting brand new. The biggest example is Joe Biden. Negros were so shook of the orange man, they voted for a unrepenting segregationist and author of the 1994 Crime Bill that resulted in mass incarceration and the breakdown of the black family unit. Biden, the champion of racial tranquility? FOH!  A senator that used the N word in the Senate Chamber. And another senator that locked up more black and brown people as Attorney General than any other AG in California history. Only to find out one year later they voted for the greater evil, and what, if anything did they learn from that

No, serious, what?

I’ll wait.

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