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Morning fam

☕Morning fam, #GetValidationOrDieTrying

☕Morning fam,  #GetValidationOrDieTrying

☕Morning fam,
Negros are slowly coming to the realization that this time is different. Yeah times have been tough before and the proof that we’re still standing has been taken for granted and without zero thought about how… you know the things that got us through. False attribution is give to the government and the Dem Party, 2 of the very entities both MLK and Malcolm warned us about and are responsible for the condition we find ourselves in. Fear makes negros not want to let go. Some choose to stay in the burning house. They are loyal and prepared to go down with the ship. Negros will gladly give up all… and will sacrifice their children and their children’s children for better positioning on the Titanic. Negros be like, “If white folks going down, I’m gonna be right there next to em”. #GetValidationOrDieTrying

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