Morning fam

☕Morning fam, Mail in ballots won’t cure this.

☕Morning fam, Mail in ballots won’t cure this.

☕Morning fam,
Watching the slaves that elected to stay on the plantation try to adapt to this new political reality, not just at the ass bone of the Dem Party, but as the scapegoats that couldn’t deliver the black vote. Instead of joining their brethren celebrating the loosening of the grip the Dem Party and their black handpuppets have on our community, they’re indignant and even unhinged black masses did not follow their lead. They are no longer useful. And their days are numbered.

On the surface Dems talk about dodging bullets, beneath the surface the numbers tell a different story. Blacks are fleeing in droves. Black youth are exploring their options. Black men are openly voting Republican and/or disengaging from electoral politics all together.

The issues concerning black voters are crime. a black agenda and reparations, not abortion, saving democracy or pronouns. Corporate activism has been a huge fail. Companies that went woke went broke. Media has taken a huge hit with woke media outlets losing revenue and viewership. And woke series and movies flopping despite huge pr campaigns and hype.

The NBA can’t climb out of the woke hole it dug for itself. Both Facebook and Twitter are suffering huge loses resulting in thousands being laid off. And the king of crypto FTX is collapsing, the fallout sending reverberations throughout the left, politics, entertainment and corporate Amerikkka.

Mail in ballots won’t cure this.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, This is "Break glass in case of emergency". The system protecting the system.

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