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Morning fam

☕Morning fam, The Blueprint For Every Black City In Amerikkka

☕Morning fam, The Blueprint For Every Black City In Amerikkka

☕ Morning fam,
Change is being ushered in whether you want it or not, whether you like it or not and whether you’re ready for it or not. The world is changing, this country is changing, your city is changing. St Louis is changing… and nor the better.

Crime is out of control, homicides, car-jackings and stolen cars areBlu up. Tens of millions have been squandered on what doesn’t work and funding the same out of touch activists/orgs and programs that don’t work while ignoring the real grassroots and people in the streets doing the work on their own dime, making a difference and getting results.

You reflect on that…sigh. And the the schools… It should come as no surprise this is the child murder capital, the result of 16 years of failure of St. Louis Public Schools. Nobody talks about that.

Their death’s are shrugged off,
“Not all children killed by guns were innocent victims“, former Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards

The plan must be let it all go to shit and get so bad that people move.

Or let the kill each other.

And when need be, kill.

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