AltBlackNews is a news aggregator platform that curates stories impacting our community that are often ignored or underrepresented by mainstream media. We amplify content creators, often acting as indie media reporting on events and issues that are of personal significance or are not being covered adequately by traditional media outlets.

We use digital tools, such as social media, podcasting, digital radio, video streaming and our own platforms tohelp content creators bypass the traditional gatekeepers of journalism and share their stories directly with a global audience bringing attention to issues and perspectives that might otherwise go unheard or unseen.

AltBlackNews provides a voice to the marginalized, individuals and causes that might not receive the same level of attention or coverage from mainstream media.

In addition, AltBlackNews serves as a form of watchdog over mainstream/old black media, providing an alternative perspectives and is a great resource for stories that are often ignored or underrepresented by mainstream media.

Finally, we help content creators bypass traditional gatekeepers and share their perspectives and experiences directly with a global audience, a voice to those that push back at misinformation and mainstream media narratives.

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