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Academic Failure…….

Academic Failure…….

La Salle Middle School is closing because of academic failure.

How did students become academic failures?

Is it the level of expectations of the teachers, and staff?

Is it the level of belief from the teachers, and staff?

Is it the level of standards from the teachers, and staff?

I read where they are talking about they didn’t “bounce back” from COVID.

Like really?


If teachers really wanted the students to succeed they would hold themselves accountable and responsible for that outcome.

If teachers really wanted the students to extract the scholar from within they would hold themselves accountable and responsible for that outcome.

If teachers had a solid relationship and built a solid and true foundation and relationship with all of the students, they would know them and would help them get them where they needed and wanted to go.

If teachers had a bigger vision of their students being greater and accomplishing more out of life, they wouldn’t make excuses as to why but present reasons and opportunities, and keys and solutions so they could accomplish, reach, obtain and succeed.

If teachers really understood that this is a calling and ministry, they would make sure that the students understood that they have a calling and purpose in their lives.

La Salle opened its doors in 2015, they took inner city children and took all of their vital information, took their parents vital information and partnered with the prison industrial complex and now we are here some 8 years later, they are closing their doors.

I love how they throw around the word impact and excellence and these babies communities are worse off than ever before. Why? They aren’t taught how to change the trajectory of their communities.

They come to us like we are a some charity case.

They come offering all of these “investment” type services where they partner with businesses, organizations, and philanthropic minded individuals that provide programs, support and other nonsense to “care” for the students and their families when all they need to do is show up, educate, demand, expect, hold expectations and standards high and watch the brilliance and scholar come to surface.

What is innovative about whites doing and being white?
They act like they are here to care, change and the like when all they are here to do is make money off of, profit from oppression, poverty, and other maltreatment and malpractices legislated by America.
So we know there is no academic rigor, no research basis, no curriculum geared towards a specified learning intelligence, no whole child education when they lack all clinicians to make them whole.
How is there college readiness when they are closing doors for academic failure?
Black parents, stop believing what you are told.
Black parents question these fake schools.
Black parents you choose them because you want your child safe, educated, able to be inquisitive and critical thinkers but as you can see, you were only being used.
You had faith in a system (charters are just that) that failed you, preyed upon you, profited from you and hurt you.
Prison labor is cheaper than immigrant labor because according to the 13th amendment because prison labor is free labor.
Betsy Devos love of Charters for the hood has stocks in private prisons of which explains why she pushed charters so heavily in our inner cities, period.


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