America will D.I.E, White Man Reads ‘N***a’, Sacrificed, Is Guy Gaskin Real? | Whitlock Weekend Wrap


Diversity, equity, and inclusion — or as Jason calls it, D.I.E. — is a movement that promotes drag queens teaching kids how to ride stripper poles, banishes men from leadership roles, and makes Christians ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Why did the FBI raid Donald Trump’s estate in Florida? Cale Gundy, University of Oklahoma football coach, bowed to woke culture like a coward and resigned as a result of his actions. His black players messages to him: They will miss him? “Fearless” soldier Royce White fell short of winning Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District! The votes he needed to win were taken by an unknown candidate named Guy Gaskin. If you can find any information on Gaskin, contact Jason at

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