Andrew Yang Collapses During HORRIBLE CNN Interview


As you probably know, former TYT HOST talked about how former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang launched a third party, the Forward Party. Good idea. Wrong guy. Bimmy Lore bought on his Buddy Nick Banana who has a lousy deceptive party himself. Hypocrites. In this video, I’ll deconstruct what’s left of Andrew Yang after CNN host Jim Acosta demolishes Mr. Yang. At one time Andrew Yang’s shtick worked. Not so much these days. I also use a Breaking Points clip, because Krystal Ball made a good point and unlike some people, I respect when others get it right. I digress.

Tim Black is funnier than Dimmy Jore who can’t be saved by having help on his segments. Oh yeah, Yang is toast. Anyone who gives Yang their hard-earned money is loopy. Subscribe to this channel, Johnson.

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