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I recall 45 saying that residents from a SHITH0LE country (ALTHOUGH HE MEANT CONTINENT) wasn’t welcomed here.

Yet, we went there to their countries and stole people, stripped them of their natural resources and have been stealing BLACK brilliance, resilience, intellectual property, invention, creativity, influence, style and magic ever since.

America gave these teachers access to our future and the were allowed to kill their spirits, dreams, goals, and intelligence and made sure their love of learning, reading, writing and being inquisitive was stolen.

Malcolm X warned us that, “Only A Fool Would Allow The Enemy To Teach Their Children.” I SEE THE RESULT OF HIS WORDS. It is sad that out of all we Black people have done here, we still aren’t seen as assets and great contributors although we are.

Yet, BLACK teachers are used to low salaries.

Heck we are paid lower than our White colleagues.

Low salaries in education has been our norm since we were “allowed” to go into the profession. We go into education for a very different reason and that is for revolutionary purposes.

For us, it used to be ministry, calling and a desire to better our people and money used to not be the top priority.

When we moved closer to the colonizers and began to listen to them, think like them, emulate them and adopt their selfish mentality, it is then we left our doing it for the culture like we always had and produced scholars. I can’t believe we worked this hard to be illiterate, mundane, immoral, inconsiderate and mediocre after building this thankless and ungrateful country.

How about compensating us, knowing that we show up and overproduce while being evicted, hungry, transients and pushed into poverty?

Until Black teachers are treated as, given resources as the professionals we are, the shortage will continue.

Black teachers matter, our mental health matter, our salaries matter, our dignity matters, our lives matter.

We are Black before we are teachers so we totally get our Black babies.

I got a chance to not only be a Black teacher but I got a chance to see Black teachers do what we do and that is be magical and mosty.

Black teachers clearly get that going into education is more than a paycheck; it is intentionally REVOLUTIONARY.

BLACK teachers, I thank you because prior to being a professional in education, you were a BLACK citizen, student, and parent in this same intentional, willful, known and legislatively racist, immoral, dehumanizing place and you still showed up and out for our babies and their families with great: character, dignity, respect, morality, honor and professionalism.

They choose to be tone death because they can and it is sad that it’s at the expense of our future but this is our moment to make our demands known, voices heard and commands clear.

We’re not afraid of Black students, we birth Black babies.

We are not afraid to build solid relationships with all stakeholders.

My issue is the toxic, racist, disrespectful work environment where the school to prison pipeline is the goal and we are to made out to be wardens.

When the paradigm shift of educators came into our inner cities; the moral, esteem and desire of learning left and we were there to save our children’s sprits, souls and minds from the enemy seriously.

When the paradigm shift of educators came into our inner cities; the moral, esteem and desire of learning left and we were there to save our children’s sprits, souls and minds from the enemy seriously.

How does “high quality” educators who more than likely were handpicked and GIVEN access, opportunities, degrees, certifications and licensure to come into our inner cities to leave us all with what we see and hear today?

After the college scandal, we know they weren’t highly qualified to do absolutely nothing but rob, steal and strip.

Who said our children can’t read, write or do math?

Our Black children are just as brilliant, resilient and educated as anyone else.

It is utterly sad that they are FORCING their way into this technological era and doing it solo.

It is growing at a rapid pace and our children are teaching themselves.

Our inner city children are given technology violations of which push the school to prison narrative when they do the same things as those of the “affluent” persuasion who attend schools where there is no question if they will have access and opportunities to be in this global world.

Can we honestly address this issue?


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