Black America Is In A State Of Crisis ~ Starting with Our Men! | Dr. Rick Wallace

Dr Rick Wallace

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Black America Is In A State Of Crisis ~ Starting with Our Men! | Dr. Rick Wallace

The Black Men Lead rite of passage initiative teaches young Black males the 11 Primary Principles of Black Manhood. Which include:

1. Never harms, mistreats, or disrespects a Black woman (including females of all ages)
2. Takes care of his progeny (offspring)
3. Always has control of his emotions
4. Works so that he can provide for his family
5. Strives to build wealth for his family and offspring
6. Understands the importance of ownership of businesses and property
7. Is always in a state of learning and growing
8. Takes responsibility for his own actions
9. Seeks wisdom and knowledge from men in great situations and conditions
10. Abides by a standard of excellence — never settling
11. Never makes excuses for his failures — making the necessary adjustments to overcome them

We also teach the 5 Ps of Black Manhood

In his home and family, a Black man is:

1. A Protector
2. A Provider
3. A Promoter (Elevating his family by word and deed)
4. A Priest (sustaining divine connectivity between God and family)
5. A Prophet (speaking into and over the lives of his family)

Mental Health in Manhood

Dr. Wallace and the Black Men Lead rite of passage program has always incorporated the element of mental into its principles and protocols. However, the recent uptick in Black male suicides among men under the age of 30 has led to us creating a new component to the program that focuses on creating a space for Black men of all ages to seek help when they are struggling mentally and emotionally. Mental Health in Manhood is a holistic mechanism designed to offer Black males the tools and resources necessary to remain whole and healthy in an inherently hostile world.

Our goal is to raise $10k by the end of the Year. Every person who donates $25 or more will be entered into a lottery where one person will win a Platinum coaching package (52 weeks, valued at $13,995).

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