Black Children Vs Everybody…(Including Black Adults)


Black Children Vs Everybody…(Including Black Adults)
00:36 Intro/Explaining My Absence
10:17 Congratulation Black Reactionaries & Nationalist
21:50 The Black Vote & Public Policy
39:35 China, Capitalism, & Extinction (
51:27 Support the Bro. Diallo Show & African World Order
53:27 Black Children Vs Everybody
1:00:30 Treason of Black Professionals
1:04:13 Tyler Perry’s Innocent Son (
1:07:45 Treason of Black Professionals pt. 2
1:10:07 Racism Starts in Infancy (
1:26:43 How We Betray Black Children
1:43:51 How We All With Black Children
1:47:40 Outro

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