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What’s wrong with white teachers in our hood? They are toxic as hell, they are cancerous.

How many videos, articles and stories must we read to know that they are bad for our children and culture?

As long as these racist, inept, incompetent and ineffective people are in our classrooms, there is not closing performance or achievement gaps.

When we were segregated and had Black teachers were taught to think critically, be imaginative, be creative, be inventive and be magical.

Black teachers have always produced exceptionalism because we knew all children came to us brilliance, capable, able and willing.

Black teachers knew the scholar was within each student and they outperformed academically.

Black teachers lead their classrooms and not students.

Black teachers have a high demand and expectation from students.

Black teachers hold ourselves responsible for all students not just those on our roster.

Black teachers will build a solid relationship with all stake holders.

Black teachers just as Black people have always been influential, coveted, desired, recruited and wanted but yet disrespected, unprotected, neglected and spiritually, financially, emotionally, immorally and racially antagonized unjustly.

Black teachers are intentional, willful and purposeful because we get that this is not only ministry work but salvation of our culture and a calling. It isn’t for everyone and looking at where we are today; it is proven.

These white teachers came into our spaces with the same work ethics and teaching performance they have always had, not none.

They have always been given, handed, and chosen for success, opportunities, access and to be the experts and being in our classrooms is no different even while we see test scores below our Black children’s norm and abilities.

They come with their racist views, prejudice mentality and mediocrity and this is why our Black children do not sound familiar to our culture, look familiar to our culture and present the excellence our culture is known.

I being an educator saw heard and felt the thickness of the entitled racist teachers and it overwhelmed me daily so I know my students walked away with those spirits on them.

Black teachers are best because we are Black in America first. We don’t get to drop our Blackness at the door and deny what is going on in this climate.

We know that this is nothing new and we position and reposition our children to maneuver through this America.

I would say they leave out of our inner city schools for sure. They don’t need to be allowed to threaten a lawsuit when we have a paper trail of not only failure but unjustly pushing them into the juvenile justice system.

The reason Black teacher are coveted is because we juggle America daily, we are defunded everything through legislation every election and we know how to make due with nothing and little and sprinkle magic over it.

Black teachers hold high our expectations, demands, goals, values, objectives, character, principles. Black teachers know our children aren’t criminals, we aren’t afraid of them and we will indeed “get with them” out of love and support.

Black teachers engage, empower, enlighten and educate the entire class session.

I am choosing to teach but from a different space and platform. The racism inside these schools are cancerous, insidious and overt.

Black teachers can command a classroom and teach no matter the hue or socioeconomic class. These teachers come into our areas with their preexisting phobias, stereotypes and lies that is the root of the school to prison pipeline,  law enforcement, big pharma, apa, and other clinicians who are mandated reporters.

I am not a disciplinarian, warden, and boogey man when it is convenient for my colleagues who “can’t” handle a student.

Why are we to trust these people who use words with RE at the beginning.

Don’t they understand that RE means again? REform, REimagine, REmake, REword, Remember. They aren’t doing anything new.

Black teachers validate, affirm, care, love, support, ambition, empower, elevate, highlight, engage, include, stretch, emotionally intelligent, gifted, skilled, brilliant and ripe.

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