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Attorney General FIRED After Suing JP Morgan For Covering Up Jeffrey Epstein’s Crime Ring

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave discuss a new lawsuit that accuses J.P. Morgan Chase of facilitating Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking operation and covering it up. #JPMorgan #JeffreyEpstein #DeniseGeorge About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show with bipartisan hosts that breaks the mold of morning TV by taking viewers inside the halls of Washington power like never before. The show leans into the day’s political cycle with cutting edge analysis from DC insiders who can predict what is going to happen. It also sets the day’s political agenda by breaking exclusive news with a team of scoop-driven reporters and demanding answers during interviews with the country’s most important political newsmakers. Follow Rising on social media: Website: Hill.TV Facebook: fa...

“Us” Inc?

“Us” Inc? The Public already owns some companies, should entities like Twitter, Facebook, Exxon Mobil and others be added to the list? Sabby and Jaybe discuss! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State-owned_enterprises_of_the_United_States https://thenextsystem.org/learn/stories/case-public-ownership-fossil-fuel-industry Sabby’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/c/SabbySabs Jaybe’s Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKT8t3zbOgK9jY89L4PXoDg Support the Revolutionary Blackout Network on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/RevolutionaryBlackout Follow us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/revblacknetwork/ Follow us on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@revblacknetwork?lang=en Follow us on Twitter https://www.twitter.com/RevBlackNetwork Follow us on Facebook https://www.fac...

Twitter advocates aren’t a lucrative demographic | Get an audience that actually spends money

Grab some comics from my comic book company at https://www.Rippaverse.com Support and become a website mack at https://ericdjuly.com Follow the entertainment channel over at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSFD56YY5pcR18lZZGT0img You can also view ALL of my videos at https://odysee.com/@YoungRippa59 Join our GUILDED server: https://www.guilded.gg/i/27d3wznk Visit http://www.ForCanonSake.com to listen to all of the episodes of my podcast. For all things related to my band, BackWordz, visit http://www.BackWordzMusic.com

FTX & The Firm That Tracks Crypto Users’ Identities Worldwide

Journalist Kit Klarenberg will be joining Mnar Adley and Alan MacLeod of MintPress News for an interview to discuss the latest scandal in the cryptocurrency world. The founder of the FTX exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, will face charges for defrauding the users of his platform but Klarenberg has dug deeper and found a groundbreaking surveillance story involving a U.S. spy firm that has been able to track the identities of three billion smartphone users worldwide through their use of cryptocurrencies — something that advocates of blockchain technologies had previously believed was impossible. Support independent watchdog journalism! Patreon.com/BehindTheHeadlines

Shaq On Endorsing FTX: ‘I Was Just A Paid Spokesperson’

Check out all of our socials and merch here: https://linktr.ee/democrepublix Thanks for watching! Subscribe, so you don’t miss out on the news of the day. For the latest news, go to http://www.democrepublix.com where we cover the REAL news that matters to We the People. ———————————————————————————— SUPPORT US WITH THE LINKS BELOW! ———————————————————————————— PAYPAL- https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/democrepublix CASH APP- https://cash.app/$JPsych PATREON- http...

Kendrick Lamar Goes CashAp and Black Capitalism

#KendrickLamar #CashAp #BlackCapitalism NEW DISCORD! https://discord.gg/TDP9a4f5Ez ____________________________________ Follow BPM: JOIN – Click the “JOIN,” Subscribe, and Like buttons! WEBSITE – https://www.blackpowermedia.org/​​​ TWITTER – https://twitter.com/BlackPowerMedi1​​​ INSTAGRAM – https://www.instagram.com/black.power.media/ FACEBOOK – https://www.facebook.com/Blackpowermedia


SAM BANKMAN-FRIED FACES 115 YEARS IN PRISON. FORMER FTX CEO UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION 8-COUNT FEDERAL INDICTMENT. MAJOR DEMOCRAT DONER FACES MULTIPLE FINANCIAL CRIMES. Follow me on TikTok 👇🏽 https://www.tiktok.com/@thealastairedition CHECK OUT MY MERCH👇🏽 https://the-alastair-edition.myspreadshop.com/ Subscribe to my literary assault on all things NON-AMERICAN by clicking on the link 👇 http://stewartalastair.substack.com Book I in the Damon Black Trilogy https://amzn.com/1499245297 Book II in the Damon Black Trilogy https://amzn.com/1541311051

Crypto Crash FTX – Will Boyce Watkins Refund his classes???

Crypto Crashes – Will Boyce Watkins Refund his classes??? Bitcoin, Binance, Coinbase

This FTX Crypto Scam Fiasco Is BEYOND Deep!

The FTX cryptocurrency exchange collapse has sent ripples throughout the financial world and in the homes of regular, everyday citizens. FTX is a company headed up by Samuel Bankman-Fried, a 30-year-old financial entrepreneur… (CONTINUE READING / SOURCES: http://bit.ly/3g0UUEJ) ––––––––––––––––––––––– 🌐 WEBSITE: https://www.anthonyblogan.com 🧢 MERCH: http://www.ablmerch.com 🇺🇸 WOODEN FLAGS: https://www.bhedesigns.com/ABL 📰 NEWS: https://patriotpost.us/ BITCHUTE: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ktvdfhdyGBaA/ ––––––––––––––––––––––– 📲 Donate Through PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/ablogan 📲 Donate Through CashApp: $ABL100 📲 Become a Sponsor on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/anthonyblogan ––––––––––––––––––––––– 🔊 PODCAST: https://anchor.fm/anthony-logan

Diddy – Jay Z and the Black billionaire liquor salesman – Ciroq & Dusse

Attorney Antonio Moore discusses Diddy being announced as a billionaire on Forbes. He contextualizes the announcement against Puff Daddy and Jay-Z largely making their wealth selling liquor as marketing pitch men for Ciroq & Dusse.

Black Americans Must Get A Better Perception Of Business

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