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Alec Baldwin Manslaughter Trial: Day Two

🎥 Day 2 of the Alec Baldwin Rust Shooting trial is here, and we've got an all-star lineup of legal experts ready to break it down for you! 📜 @NateTheLawyer, @VivaFrei, @UncivilLaw, @GoodLawgic, @aburkhartlaw, and @daniahndirect join forces with @erichunley for a live analysis that's as entertaining as it is informative. 🧠 🔍 Expect a deep dive into the trial's latest developments, including jury selection and the legal strategies at play. Our experts will be on hand to provide their insights and predictions on how the case might unfold. 🔮 🗣️ With a perfect blend of legal knowledge and a dash of humor, this live coverage will make the complexities of the trial easy to digest and fun to follow. 😄 📅 Don't miss a moment of the action - tune in daily for the latest up...

How Disney DESTROYED ‘Star Wars’ with Awful Writing & WOKE Propaganda

Disney’s newest Star Wars series, “The Acolyte,” has received some of the worst fan ratings in the franchise’s history — 14% on Rotten Tomatoes!. But is it because of racism, as the show’s star, Amandla Stenberg, suggests? Or maybe, as media critic Gary Buechler of @nerdrotic believes, it’s because “The Acolyte” destroys Star Wars lore left and right. Gary joins Glenn to break it all down, from the “lesbian space witch” plot that somehow made Glenn defend midi-chlorians to how the show seems to prioritize DEI requirements above good storytelling: “Disney doesn't understand Star Wars fans … They hate the fans. And they actively hate Star Wars.” ► Watch MORE BlazeTV YouTube Videos: ► Join BlazeTV and Watch LIVE Shows Daily! ► Visit the 'Blaz...

Amber Rose leaves reporter SHOCKED after she REFUSES to denounce Trump!

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The Issa Rae Con. How Insecure and Issa exposed #ADOS Black folks social blindness.

The Issa Rae Con. How Insecure and Issa exposed #ADOS Black folks social blindness. Support at or Patreon Tonetalks

Remembering Prince: Eight Years Later

#Prince #GarciaHaney #EightYearsLater *We salute Prince on the Eight Year Anniversary of his passing. We discuss his career and life? What are your favorite Prince moments? What are your favorite Prince songs? *We discuss the fight between Garcia and Haney. Why did Garcia dominate Haney the way he did?

“BAD” GOOD TIMES – ANY TIME YOU NEED A PAYCHECK! #GoodTimes #TheVillagerOnDeck #TheVillagerOnDeck

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Actor Drake Bell of Nickelodeon says their response to sex abuse documentary was ‘Pretty empty’


Freaknik: The Wildest Party Never Told (documentary review)

A celebratory exploration of the boisterous times of Freaknik, the iconic Atlanta street party that drew hundreds of thousands of people in the '80s and '90s, helping put Atlanta on the map culturally. Troi Torain aka STAR is a multimedia personality whose career has spanned the arenas of radio, television and the world-wide web. Considered a radio pioneer by many, Torain's personal brand STAR & BUC WILD has set precedents in the urban landscape. STAR made the national stage on MTV in 1999 (Beat Suite) but it was his radio shows on New York's Hot 97 and Power 105 that launched him into super stardom. Torain's resume also includes WEA (Warner Elektra Atlantic), Virgin Records, The Source magazine, Power 104.1 (Hartford), Power 99 (Philly), Hip-Hop Weekly magazine,, 100.3 Th...

Apparently, gaming isn’t gay enough

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MoT #551 What’s The Point In “Exposing The Industry?”

Shannon Sharpe's conducted another viral interview, this time with Mo'Nique. Like Katt Williams she also sounded off on numerous Hollywood celebs. I can understand why people are so obsessed with these interviews, but what can we learn from them? CashApp: $ProfessorBlacktruth Patreon: #B1 #WeAreTheBlackMedia