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Uncovering Effects of Trump’s Immigration Policies

Uncovering Effects of Trump's Immigration Policies The central issue at hand is whether the deportation of illegal migrants is ultimately beneficial or harmful to Black Americans in the United States. Let's delve into the nuances of how illegal immigrants' deportations can intersect with the experiences and opportunities available to Black Americans. This is where we uncover the potential effects of deportations on the job market, social dynamics, and overall well-being of Black communities. #trump #illegalimmigrants #blackamericans Social Media Links: Cashapp: $Blacklogic0 #policebrutality #blackpeople #georgefloyd C...

Why Most Americans Say They Want to Overhaul the System

As the 2024 Presidential election heats up, a recent New York Times poll revealed that a majority of US voters are dissatisfied with the political and economic system in the country or want it torn down completely. As dissatisfaction mounts, Biden faces dwindling support in crucial swing states, largely due to his unconditional backing of Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Walter Smolarek, Editor of Liberation News, joins Rania and Eugene to delve into the root causes of this discontent and the confines of the two-party system, which leaves voters to choose between two genocidaires who neglect their constituents interests. #breakthroughnews

Federal Grand Jury Reviewing Evidence NOW on City Girl Mayor!!! | Dolton Mayor Update

In this video, we discuss Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard. A federal grand jury is reviewing evidence against her today. #fbi #law #finance Watch more PBL videos: ▶️ Facebook & NIKE Diversity Executive Sentenced to 5 Years in Federal Prison ▶️ FAILURE of the Restaurant Industry EXPOSED by TikTok Food Critic | Keith Lee Redemption Tour Atlanta (MEN ONLY) Get Updates on SIMPTERVENTION to stay SIMP-FREE (WOMEN ONLY) Get updates to stay THOT-FREE ________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE: DONATE 💰 Cashapp: $PinkBookLessons → PayPal: ...

“Where the f*ck is our money at?

“Where the f*ck is our money at? – White House was unable to track $6.2 billion f*cking dollars sent to Ukraine. – California was unable to track $24 billion for hand back homelessness. – You unable to track $3 trillion for f*cking military spending. – Treasury was unable to track f*cking $5 trillion for pandemic spending, but they know exactly where your 133 funky ass dollars at. Huh? We need f*cking explanation because we know it ain’t going back in our infrastructure. Our country look like a third world f*cking country, but the amount of money that’s coming outta our fucking tax dollars, our city should look like f*cking Dubai. Our small town should look like f*cking utopia. Our city should look like the f*cking cities off the movie Fifth element, and...

Biden Begging For The Black Vote…This Time It’s Men

5-18-2023: Biden is back begging for the Black vote. This time they're targeting Black men..again. We explain. Support Tonight's program🌍: 🔑Paypal: 🔑Venmo: @JasonBlackTBA 🎥 See our bestselling documentaries:

Exclusive Malcolm X’s Life, Times, Death and Legacy

In one of the most important interviews for this time period, Paul Lee and Peter Goldman, two of the foremost historians around the Life, Times, Death and Legacy of Malcolm X appear in an interview with Kalonji Jama Changa LIVE on #RiotStarterTV! Paul Lee In 1990, the Highland Park, Mich., native served as a historical researcher and consultant for two episodes featuring Malcolm X in "Eyes on the Prize II," the PBS history of the modern civil-rights movement. In 1991, he was the chief historical consultant for Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" biopic, starring Denzel Washington. In 1994, he was the special research consultant for "Malcolm X: Make It Plain," an episode of the PBS historical series "The American Experience": Peter Goldman Goldman’s biography, The Death and Life of Malcolm X...

Laundering Black Rage on Saturdays With Renee! (SwR 32)

#ReneeJohnston #Saturday #JaredBall Laundering Black Rage: The Washing of Black Death, People, Property, and Profits Discount code EFLY01 Art of War Renee Johnston has been an educator and union member for over 2 decades. She currently serves as a committee chair of the Global Pan-African Movement, North America; is a registered member of the Green Party of NJ; political education event organizer and budding writer. News: Musings: Events: __________________ #BoomBapBreakfast #...

Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams makes SHOCKING RACIST statement about ILLEGAL ALIENS!

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“I Can’t Breathe!” Another Black Man Murdered by the Police

The disturbing demise of Frank Tyson at the hands of the cops in Canton, Ohio exposes the callous disregard for human life within law enforcement. Tyson's agonizing plea of "I can't breathe" echoes the tragic fate of George Floyd, yet officers remain indifferent to his suffering. As the harrowing footage unfolds, it lays bare the brutality and unchecked power wielded by those sworn to protect, who never do that. Residents' outrage is palpable as they condemn the officers' actions, demanding swift accountability for their role in Tyson's death, although we all know the system itself needs to be ended. 'MEMBER US?? Become a member of the Fire Fam on YouTube! MERCH & SUCH: MATERIAL...

Should President Biden Receive an Honorary Degree from Morehouse?

President Joe Biden’s upcoming commencement address at Morehouse College has ignited controversy among students and alums. Why? Dr. Daniel Black and Karen Hunter weigh in! Morehouse students gathered in a campus auditorium last week to protest the college’s decision to invite Biden to deliver the commencement address May 19. Like, Share & Subscribe! New content and interviews every day of the week. We love our community, and we want to hear from you! MUST WATCH! Debate with a Caller: Why Vote for Cornel West? Want to know more about Karen Hunter? Check out... for the latest news and updates. To listen to the full three-hour radio show, get the @siriusxm app and search “Karen Hunter Show.” Free Trial:

New Way for Government Control? 15-Minute City : Joe Rogan #jre

Discover the most captivating moments from Joe Rogan’s iconic podcast! Join us for bite-sized videos featuring thought-provoking interviews, hilarious comedy, and mind-blowing insights. Click PLAY now to experience the best of the Joe Rogan Podcast! 🔥🎙️ Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Joe Rogan content🔥🎙️ #JoeRogan #jre #joeroganexperience #Interviews #inspiration #government