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Fani Willis DISQUALIFICATION Appeal REJECTED, Liberals FUME Over Court Ruling!

The Young Thug YSL trial has been a whirlwind of drama and controversy, and it just keeps getting messier. Imagine this: Fulton County Judge Ural Glanville, after 19 months of handling this high-profile RICO case, gets kicked off in a stunning move. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. The case, involving rapper Young Thug and his associates, is now on its third judge, with Paige Reese Whitaker stepping in after Judge Shukura Ingram had to recuse herself due to a romantic entanglement involving her deputy and a co-defendant. And it's not just the judges under fireβ€”Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is in the spotlight too, with allegations of judicial and prosecutorial misconduct. What's next for Young Thug and the Fulton County justice system? Stay tuned to find out! Fani Wil...

Prosecutors DESTROYED Trump Evidence and MUST be PUNISHED

Go to to stay fully informed and come to your own conclusions about the news. Subscribe through my link to save 40% off unlimited access this month. Trump's defense demands sanctions against Jack Smith for destroying exculpatory evidence in the Classified Docs case. #Trump #Trial #ClassifiedπŸ“… JOIN A LODGE EVENT: πŸ”₯ NEWSLETTER: 😎 MEMBER EXCLUSIVES: SHOW RESOURCES: 🀯 Mindmap Access: β˜• Daily Newsletter: πŸ” News Reports: MEMBERS-ONLY CONTENT: πŸ”’ YouTube:

First Black Female Judge FIRED For Incompetence

In this video I discuss Douglas County Probate Judge being removed from office due systemic incompetence and multiple instances of corruption Website: Odysee: Rumble: Instagram NEW: Twitch: Utreon: 2nd Channel: TeeSpring Store: New Store: Gettr: Parler:

YSL Trial: GA Supreme Court Rules + Severed Defendant Pleas!

Join us for updates on the YSL Trial before the weekend! The Supreme Court of Georgia has dismissed an emergency motion filed by Deamonte Kendrick, a defendant in the YSL RICO trial. Kendrick sought to disqualify Fulton County Chief Judge Ural Glanville from presiding over his case. Kendrick's motion originated from a meeting involving Judge Glanville, assistant district attorneys, a state's witness, and the witness's attorney. Kendrick's attorneys found out about the meeting two days later on June 10. He filed the motion to recuse Judge Glanville, arguing that the judge improperly denied the motion without referring it to another judge. Updates: 1. The Supreme Court of Georgia issued it's decision on recusing Chief Judge Glanville from the case. 2. Severed defendant's for the RICO...

Stream Clip: Ashleigh v #FaniWillis – Hidden Records Showdown!

It's Ashleigh v Fani in a hidden records legal battle royal! Did Fani Willis and Fulton County violate the law by hiding records and documents that prove wrongdoing? Check out this "Stream Clip" short version of a previous live stream, edited for easy, convenient viewing ** Support @InsideTheLaw ** Join this channel to get access to perks: PayPal Venmo Cash App$hollowaylaw DonorBox

Bragg SUED for ILLEGAL Collusion; Bannon’s EMERGENCY Appeal; Garland’s CONTEMPT

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