Democrats Leaving Black Children for Dead | Joe Biden Is Made in China | Kathy Barnette | Ep 245


“Lord of the Flies” depicts a group of children stranded on an island and left to their own devices. The group quickly devolves into chaos after the kids give in to their paranoia over an imaginary monster and violence erupts. Our Democrat-led cities are the island, “white supremacy” is the make-believe monster, and our black children have abandoned hope and turned to violence. Seven children in Philadelphia are accused of beating an elderly man to death in the streets. “Unsupervised children on the uninhabited streets of Philadelphia at 3 in the morning terrorizing an old man. This is a crisis of the cultural rot black America has chosen to ignore and/or embrace at the behest of the Democratic Party and the Hollywood elite.” Jason argues that the fictitious world described in the novel is a harsh reality for many black youths today. “They live on uninhabited islands with little to no adult supervision. There are too many fatherless homes and way too many baby mamas. Black children are descending into depravity and insanity.” “Fearless” contributors T.J. Moe and Shemeka Michelle join the discussion. Plus, former Pennsylvania senatorial candidate Kathy Barnette weighs in on the violence in Philly and shares her inspirational story that nearly led to an upset of Dr. Oz in the primary. Finally, T.J. and Jason tackle the questions: Has Joe Biden been compromised by his China dealings, and how has he not been impeached?

00:00 Intro
20:52 Shemeka Michelle & T.J. Moe Fan the Flames
41:13 Special Guest Kathy Barnette
1:09:41 T.J. Moe, The Show-Me Kid in Studio

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