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Diddy and the Shocking Truth About Hip-Hop: Part 1 | Ep 650

Diddy and the Shocking Truth About Hip-Hop: Part 1 | Ep 650

In part one of Fearless’ special deep dive into the life and alleged crimes of rap icon Diddy, Jason explores how the unsolved murder of his drug-dealing father made young Sean Combs the perfect pawn in hip-hop’s unholy war against America. Whitlock connects the dots between the biggest investors in the country’s prison-industrial complex and the players pulling the strings in the rap game. The promotion of gangsta rap and prison culture reveals the globalist nihilistic agenda. Jason shares the shocking stats that show the correlation between the birth of N.W.A and gangsta rap and America’s skyrocketing incarceration rate and the top names in hip-hop who profited the most from promoting prison culture. Plus, we hear from Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, whose sexual assault lawsuit fanned the flames of years of smoke surrounding Diddy’s alleged deviant behavior.

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