"you people" Got my OWN mic, stage, key, seat & door by Marshata Caradine



DON will do anything to get power again just as America will do the same thing to keep Black Americans oppressed, omitted, excluded and denied all through legislation and policies.

DON coup is proof that we have never had a fair election and the mere fact that he is free is an insult to every law abiding citizen in America that have did what they were expected and supposed to do according to “laws” that’s clearly for some and not for others.

DON is proof that the rich can be incompetent, ignorant, immoral, illegal and unjust and their “white collared” crimes gets them a slap on the wrist and we inner city dwellers who are unarmed, innocent and framed are swiftly and harshly, and criminalized and this need to end.

DON is indeed a mirror of a country that use legislation to deny our voice, deny our vote, and deny our vision for our culture and community.

DON is just as America as it gets, we have big money into politics of which assure us African American’s that we can’t fully participate in the justice, equality and fairness of the world we envision and know should be.

DON must lie, cheat, steal, hide, be evil, immoral and unjust to defeat his competition and that makes him and his kind feel successful and become greater after not earning the votes, support and will of the people.

DON understand that when we stand up for some, we stand  up for all.

DON and America has never seen us as valuable and appreciated us being the assets as we lead for the core principles and values of this country to succeed, be progressive and become winners once again around the world.

DON even said himself that the CONstitution was fake or phony and I agree.

Neither DON nor America defend our rights, humanity, dignity, voice, and votes.

DON is well aware that America has never had a DEMOCRACY and when it say phrases like “we the people’ it never included us thanks to Judge Roger Taney lying ass.

DON is well aware that it is all a show, there is no fighting for rights, our elections being in the heart and hands of the people because for African Americans our sacred vote has never been automatic but fought like hell to execute and these people are indeed sickening AF.


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