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Elon Musk Sours on Don Lemon After Humiliating & Embarrassing Interview | Ep 648

Elon Musk Sours on Don Lemon After Humiliating & Embarrassing Interview | Ep 648

Did you ever have an interview with your would-be boss that went so badly that you had a job offer rescinded? That’s basically what just happened to former CNN sweetheart Don Lemon. Following a contentious interview with X’s Elon Musk, the Tesla mogul canceled plans for “The Don Lemon Show” on his social media platform. Jason shares his thoughts on the disastrous sit-down that exposed Lemon as a diversity, equity, and inclusion media plant and explains why he actually has sympathy for Don. Plus, whatever happened to that “Texas border standoff”? Jason Buttrill and the Blaze Originals team went on a road trip with the “Take Our Border Back” convoy to the frontline of the border crisis as they uncovered what was really happening during Gov. Greg Abbott’s fight against federal agents. Jason joins “Fearless” to reveal the story the mainstream media didn’t want you to know.

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