ESPN Beta Males Kill Newest ESPN Queen, Malika Andrews | Ep 297


Since its acquisition by Disney, ESPN has “lost the plot.” Diversity, inclusion, and equity have taken the place of straightforward news media coverage and ESPN sports broadcaster Malika Andrews checks the boxes under the D.I.E. requirements. On Wednesday, ESPN’s queen faced “blacklash” on social media for her criticism of the Boston Celtics’ new head coach Joe Mazzulla as well as her failed attempt to publicly scold Stephen A. Smith over the Celtics’ handling of Ime Udoka’s inappropriate sexual relationships. Jason points out that culture has transformed men in sports journalism into beta males, using his analogy that “culture has turned barber shops into beauty shops.” “Fearless” contributor Delano Squires adds that Malika Andrews is playing with chaos. She is playing a racial game, but she has no allies. She is facing “blacklash” because her role as a sports broadcaster was given, not earned. Jason brings “Fearless” contributor Steve Kim in to discuss more on how ESPN has changed the sports culture. The culture that idolizes the matriarchy has taken over the sports world and mutilated men. ESPN went from broadcasting sports to political activism. Malika Andrews’ “blacklash” is the expected reaction from ESPN’s panel of beta males and soon, the relentless social media attack on Andrews’ competence and reputation will be inaccurately blamed on the misogyny of black men.

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