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Fame & Idolatry Can Destroy Caitlin Clark the Same Way It Did Deion Sanders & LeBron James | Ep 673

Fame & Idolatry Can Destroy Caitlin Clark the Same Way It Did Deion Sanders & LeBron James | Ep 673

Jason has a cautionary tale for Caitlin Clark. Clark is the most exciting thing to happen to basketball since LeBron James. Believe it or not, Whitlock was once a LeBron supporter — before fame and idolatry stole his soul. Jason discusses the warning signs from Clark’s introductory press conference and shares his advice on the pitfalls to avoid becoming the next LeBron for all the wrong reasons. Maybe no one in the history of sports enjoys and benefits more from his status as a sports idol than Deion Sanders. Coach Prime uses his celebrity to bully those he sees as lesser than and, in one astounding instance, to circumvent justice. Whitlock shares the story of a former high school baseball coach and security officer who was left permanently disabled after being attacked by Shilo Sanders. John Darjean will join “Fearless” on Friday to share his heart-wrenching story. In this episode, Whitlock lays the foundation for our revealing, shocking, and exclusive discussion.

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00:00 Indianapolis writer has cringy fanboy moment over Caitlin Clark
08:36 Caitlin Clark is unlikely to survive the idolatry that overtakes male athletes
19:29 Whitlock supported LeBron James before he fell to idolatry
26:51 Idolatry snatched LeBron James and Tiger Woods
34:40 Deion Sanders’s idol status protects his family from legal trouble
49:59 John Darjean did not receive justice because of Deion
1:11:54 Shilo Sanders’ assault leaves Darjean with major spinal damage

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