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From Heartache to Healing: How a 74-Year-Old Patient Defied Heart Failure

From Heartache to Healing: How a 74-Year-Old Patient Defied Heart Failure

The MHW medical team discussed the case of a resilient 74-year-old battling severe congestive heart failure. Despite having a defibrillator and diligently taking medications, frequent hospital admissions for decompensated heart failure persisted, casting a shadow of uncertainty.

While upgrading the defibrillator to a biventricular device was considered, the patient hesitated due to concerns about surgery.

The team opted for a bold approach, embracing the power of nutrition. They prescribed a raw detox and whole food plant-based diet for an impressive 116 days—mostly raw, packed with nutrients and vitality.

The results were staggering. The patient’s ejection fraction skyrocketed from 20% to an impressive 50. Miraculously, the need for an updated defibrillator and reliance on diuretics vanished, replaced by newfound strength and optimism.
Witness the incredible journey of a 75-year-old woman battling severe heart and kidney failure. With dialysis on the horizon, she sought hope at the Montgomery Heart & Wellness center.

When the patient arrived at our center, she was facing breathlessness and failing organs, on the brink of dialysis. She was desperate for alternatives, and turned to Montgomery Heart & Wellness for a lifeline.

Her journey is a remarkable one: within the first week of treatment—a detox meal plan, intermittent fasting, and transformative therapies like ozone therapy—improvements emerge and she’s able to stop many medications!

Four weeks in, there is astonishing progress—kidney function soars, heart function normalizes, inflammatory markers plummet and our patient is able to defer dialysis!

She’s experiencing such positive changes and returns for more therapy to improve her kidney function even more.

Don’t miss this tale of resilience, hope, and the power of holistic healing!


Avoid a Stiff Heart and Weak Kidneys

Keys to Overcoming Heart Failure

At Montgomery Heart & Wellness, we combine state-of-the-art medicine with a comprehensive health and wellness intervention for a more natural approach to treating chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. This unique health and wellness intervention utilizes a novel nutrition plan, specialized metabolic and genomic testing along with other noninvasive therapies to minimize the need for medications or hospital procedures.

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