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To help me deal with the first birthday without my brother I wanted to do something to honor our love of music and service.

I heard about Eryka Badu coming to the area for my birthday, on my birthday. She is a rhythm and blues vocalist with a dash of jazz and I love her vibe.

Eryka Badu? Coming for my birthday, I was EGGSITED.

Got ready to order tickets, found out the Highland I thought wasn’t the Highland she chose.

We have a Highland in Madison County but she is near Chicago.

Now, I could’ve went all out and purchased a plane, train or bus ticket and went and enjoyed myself but I really don’t do all of that.

I chucked it up as, an event I wasn’t supposed to go.

I STILL wanted to do a concert, connect with my brother.

Now, Jakki Hall……. HERE YOU GO!

The songstress of all who I LOVE TO SING LEARN HOW TO TRUST IN JESUS just ministered that to me on repeat I had to get my pen when I got the text telling me about her services.

I STILL get GRANTED the desire of my heart as long as I TRUST IN JESUS.

I know there will be a concert.

She was indeed a singer of all singers.

She understood that her ministry was the mic.

She understood that her showing up was for the mic.

She understood that with her answering her calling was for the mic.

she understood that manifestation came while on the mic.

She understood that she was chosen to heal others on the mic.

She understood that she changed wrong to right on the mic.


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