"you people" Got my OWN mic, stage, key, seat & door by Marshata Caradine



Our HOLIdays have always been centered around humanity, dignity, morality, justice, and respect.

White people stripped, denied, omitted, confiscated, stole and reframed our narratives.

In this they found themselves:

Harmful, Hazardous, Habitual, Hostile, Humdrum, Hollowed, Humiliating, Hefty, Hellish, Hateful,

Opportunistic, Organized, Obscene, Outlandish, Obsessed, Outrageous, Outsiders, Oppressive, Obvious


Impulsive, Inattentive, Irresponsible, Indecisive, Ill-Favored, Ignorant, Igniting, Impatience, Illegal

Hope of Life Initiative is exactly what White folks did, give themselves Hope of Life and our work is an Initiative we unintentionally gifted them.

Holi is about festivities, unity, hues, and resurrection, life, spring, and opulent

Black people showed character

Black people showed compassion

Black people showed support

Black people showed unconditional love

Black people decided to suffer with others

Black people showed heartfelt feelings

Black people are benevolent

Black people have always been humane

Black people have always been lenient

Black people have always  been tender

Black people have always been

When we showed Politicized, Monetized, Exploited,

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