How Do Blacks Conquer the Enemy Within? | Dr. Rick Wallace


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I was asked to explain how the work we do at Black Men Lead and The Odyssey Project intersects with this case. Here is my response.
The work we do intersects with this case in multitudinous ways.
1. We have done hours and years of research and data reviews to understand how multigenerational trauma is passed down and how it plays out in the family dynamic. One way it plays out is in sexual confusion and sexual exploitation of our youth.

2. My work in the field of epigenetics has rendered an understanding of how the environments we create for our youth and their experiences as children has long-reaching impacts throughout their adulthood—even beyond the psychological and emotional issues.

3. Through programs like Black Men Lead, we provide a sense of identity, purpose, and direction through proper racial socialization (absolutely necessary for Blacks) on the front end. On the back end, we provide necessary resources for adolescent and young adult Black males, such as mental health resources, skills training, mentoring and more. Through Restoring Ghettos Forgotten Daughters (my wife’s program), young girls and young women have access to similar resources.

4. We have a research arm and a think tank that are constantly compiling and analyzing information to create solutions for the enigmatic issues we face in the community.

5. I personally take on cases like this weekly to provide the necessary support to facilitate healing and a full recovery.
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I hope this helps. And, thanks for your insight.
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