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How Mad Black Women Are Shaping America’s Future | Ep 643

How Mad Black Women Are Shaping America’s Future | Ep 643

A year ago when Jason told Tucker Carlson that the breakdown of the family struck and the adoption of a matriarchal culture contributed to the death of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police officers, social media had a meltdown. Flash forward to the recent scene out of St. Louis where a black teen left a white teen in critical condition after a brutal beatdown. The internet is overflowing with videos from black America, particularly footage of black girls, engaging in vile behavior. This is the consequence of a fatherless, matriarchal society. Its ramifications are now extending beyond the destruction of family, home, and community, some signs point to the matriarchal mayhem beginning to reshape the political landscape of America. Whitlock breaks down how establishing the black women as the ruling class of society may spell doom for the Democratic party. Shemeka Michelle and Delano Squires join this special episode of “Fearless” to discuss how the unruly black culture may lead to Donald Trump’s second term in the White House.

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00:00 Intro
04:20 Recent polling shows that black voters are abandoning the Democratic party
14:57 Married Couple tells BET they are voting for Trump 2024
22:34 White Teen left in critical condition following brutal attack by black teen
33:41 The internet is overrun with videos of black women out of control
46:22 Is Black America waking up to the fraud of the Democratic party?
1:01:24 Shemeka Michelle joins Fearless to talk about the black matriarchy
1:23:23 Delano Squires and Whitlock on black America waking up
2:01:27 Delano and Jason discuss the St. Louis tragedy

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