How the Woke Mob Canceled Dave Chappelle and Why It Matters | Ep 252


In the shadow of the Summer of George Floyd, something took root in Minnesota. The Twin Cities are becoming the San Francisco of the Midwest. A Minneapolis theater caved to the woke social media mob, spearheaded by the Alphabet Mafia, and canceled Dave Chappelle’s show, just hours before the doors were to open. Jason also says that comedians and ministers play a very important role in American culture. “They create a safe space in an environment where the rest of us can have these uncomfortable conversations and get at the truth. These comedians, ministers protect truth, free speech, and the public square. That’s why ministers and comedians are under attack.” The forces corrupting American culture want to cancel ministers and comedians, and that’s no laughing matter. Dave Shannon joins the show to discuss why a confession of our cultural sin is needed, now more than ever. Shemeka Michelle adds her insight to the Chappelle conversation and explains why she believes it’s just the beginning. Plus, an outstanding LIVE performance of “Harmony” from Ali Taylor, Tae Lewis, and Devena.

00:00 Intro
24:15 Dave Shannon Fans the Flames
44:22 Shemoke Show with Shemeka Michelle
1:01:40 “Tennessee Harmony”

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