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How Traditional Black Churches Sabotage Black Communities

How Traditional Black Churches Sabotage Black Communities


Substack Article:

Most Traditional Black Churches sabotage black communities by preaching a perverted gospel, that’s not the true gospel.

It’s a social gospel built on the flawed notion that Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross wasn’t sufficient.

They preach that the Lord’s resurrection did not liberate us from oppression.

Instead, black people do not have any recourse out of their current state other than to beg the government, i.e. the Democratic Party for salvation.

In their eyes, only government programs can elevate black people out of their current state.

This is the tradition of men making the Word of God have no effect.

This instills an inferiority complex in people and turns their affection away from the lover of their souls.

It keeps black folks in their place.

Which is the intention all along.

The Democratic Party needs 90% of the black vote.

It can’t afford to lose that vital voting block.

So, they have deputized traditional black pastors to preach a distorted, unbiblical message to their members in order to justify the detrimental policies that have led to the destruction and decay of the black community.

That’s what a plant does.

A plant does the bidding of the one who planted it.

The plant produces fruit to benefit the planter.

The rottenness of the fruit that these plants have fostered is a stench in the nostrils of God.

The rottenness of lawlessness, broken homes, abortion, and homelessness is no longer tolerable.

It’s time to uproot these plants.

It’s time to plant the true vine!

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There is an assault on the black community. This attack is subtle in its nature but insidious in its aim. The aim is to move the community and in particular men away from dependence on God and into dependence on the government. This dependency will lead to continued poverty, struggle, and defeat.

This page and the associated channel are here to present truth in a loving way. We want to see lives changed and families restored.

Because we are not victims. We are empowered for greatness!

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