If You Better Results, You Will Need to Create a Paradigm Shift In Your Thinking!


Are You Getting the Result You Desire In Your Pursuit of Success?

Want Better Results? Get Rid Of Those Limiting Beliefs! ~ WATCH this VIDEO!

Are You Being Held Back By Outdated Paradigms? It’s Time for a Shift!

The existence of limiting beliefs is one of the most constrictive forces stopping people from reaching their goals, achieving excellence, and living their dreams. The only limitations you have are the ones you accept in your mind. The Crushing Limiting Beliefs Course offers over 13 lessons, Customized affirmations via digital slides, and step-by-step processes. Change starts here!

For one time only, Dr. Rick Wallace will teach this self-paced course himself. For a fraction of what it would normally cost, you can experience the step-by-step process of crushing those limiting beliefs that have kept you locked in place for years. Now is the time to take action. Now is the time to move forward. Don’t miss this opportunity to see life through the lens of infinite possibilities now.

To ensure I can engage everyone, I am only taking the first 20 people, and the offer will be closed.

To enroll, click here: https://square.link/u/uyA5KTgQ

Use our Afterpay option to pay in installments

I have more great news! Everyone who enrolls will be entered into a drawing to win a $10,500 Platinum Package to work with me for an entire year. That is right, I am giving away a platinum package (Valued at $10,500 ), and the names will be chosen from the people who sign up for this class. The drawing will take place during the class!


If you are into self-paced self-improvement opportunities, The Power of Paradigms Course is for you. Not only will you get the complete online course, but you will also get two follow-up sessions with me worth $700. This course is packed with value and power.

Sign up for the Power of Paradigms course here: https://square.link/u/oWvmvxVQ

Use our Afterpay option to pay in installments.

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