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Important Info About “Morning fam,” #PleaseRead

Important Info About “Morning fam,” #PleaseRead

“Morning fam,” will return next week in a different format. I cannot chime in on certain topics freely on any public platform. They are watching. And listening. And targeting/punishing dissenters or anybody that goes against or challenges their narrative. Be it Trump, Cornel West or RFK Jr.

This didn’t just start under Biden, it started under Obama. During the time he was posing with photo opts with Ferguson protesters, his admin and Dems were working with Twitter/BLM to silence voices like mine. His VP Joe Biden was accepting bribes from America’s enemies, and enriching his family. And his Sec of State Hillary Clinton was framing candidate Donald Trump…. before they all spied on President Trump in the White House. How that is not treason is beyond me. And what happened later described by TIME Magazine as “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election”. And don’t get me started on covid, the origin, vax or mandates.

And they shut down all discussion that could expose their lies, deception and criminality under the guise of fighting misinformation.

Something is happening in this country beneath the surface that threatens America as we know it. And while this country is far from perfect, it is ours, where we were born, where our ancestors were enslaved and fought/died so we could take the stand this moment dictates: Doing us apologetically and not bowing, cowering or bucking under the pressure of Joe Biden, the Dem Party, white liberals, the black misleadership class or fake progressives. Or black celebrity.

Check It Out! Peep! 👉🏾  ☕ Morning fam, I'm going through it. Doing this work, you know it may come to this. Darren (Seals) and I knew the risks. We did this work with no fear... we only ever had one conversation about possible repercussions... and this was it. #RIPKingDSeals

Or the millions of brainwashed negros weaponized against us. When PE said “It Takes A Nation To Hold Us Back”, they didn’t say it would be our own.

Stay tuned!

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