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Is Diddy the Jeffrey Epstein of Rap Music? | Ep 654

Is Diddy the Jeffrey Epstein of Rap Music? | Ep 654

Hip-hop mogul Diddy was caught on camera nervously pacing at an airport near Miami while federal agents were raiding his two estates. That’s the last time Diddy has been seen since the Department of Homeland Security has ramped up an investigation into sex trafficking. Last week, Jason took you through all the evidence against Diddy and the hip-hop industry, (Diddy and the Shocking Truth About Hip-Hop: Part 1 & Part 2) and it seems the world took notice. What’s next for Diddy? Whitlock welcomes Shemeka Michelle and Delano Squires to “Fearless” to discuss the fallout. Will this investigation turn him into a victim? Are we getting set for the next O.J. Simpson trial of the century? Perhaps most importantly, does this finally lead to an awakening about the negative impact of commercial rap music on American society?

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00:00 Is Diddy the Jeffrey Epstein of rap?
02:44 Government raids Diddy’s residence
07:36 Are the Diddy allegations an indictment of the whole rap industry?
22:44 Shemeka Michelle joins Jason to discuss Diddy’s dilemma
47:58 Delano Squires and Whitlock talk on Diddy’s allegations and the rap industry

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