Jason Whitlock Exposes the REAL Culprits of January 6 & How It’s Fueling the New Civil War | Ep 255


Over the weekend, Jason discovered the true culprits behind the January 6 “insurrection” at the United States Capitol. It was him. “My disdain for politicians caused me to disassociate myself from politics altogether. I smugly sat on the sideline and laughed as Democrats and Republicans sold out the American people by auctioning themselves to the highest bidder. I regret that.” Jason did not act alone; he implicates you as well. Yes, you, especially if you call yourself a Christian. The men of God who sit idly by while Americans worship the idol of race, or the idol of Donald Trump, are culpable in the cultural decay of the country. There’s a new civil war about to start. A spirited and impactful sermon from Bishop E.W. Jackson led to this epiphany. Jason unpacks his guilt and exposes the most recent examples of society’s collapse with Troy McSwain. Plus, Bishop Jackson himself stops in to discuss his sermon, the emasculation of men, and how he went from being an “F” student to a Harvard graduate.

00:00 Intro ft. Troy McSwain in studio
1:06:31 Special Guest Bishop E.W. Jackson

See Bishop Jackson’s full inspirational sermon here

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