L.A. might elect its first Black woman mayor and a problematic (sigh) sheriff


Two sheriff candidates, Alex Villanueva and Robert Luna, both with a long history of poor leadership and racist regimes are thugging it out for this November’s elections. What are the specs on that race and what does that mean for Los Angeles voters?

Then Rep. Karen Bass will go up against real estate tycoon, Rick Caruso in November in a runoff elections for mayor. While Rep. Bass has had a tepid congressional tenure in office, her lukewarm candidacy is gong up against a billionaire with a multi-million dollar campaign, charisma and a clear agenda dealing with some eyesores and public safety issues of the city. Smells like Trump or a Trump-Bloomberg. Either way, Los Angeles will make history as voting in another batch of corruption or some semblance of pivoting to a lost city that might find its identity.

We talk about this with Dame Crawford.

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